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Lorraine Kauffman-Hall: It's all about Genuine Relationship Building

Attain Marketing is a full-service marketing firm that helps high-technology companies develop marketing programs that dramatically improve business performance. Attain's marketing and PR consulting services can significantly and quantifiably increase new product success rates, marketing ROI, customer satisfaction and retention, brand and customer equity, and corporate profitability.

Rake Narang: When and how did you enter the PR profession? What skills and attributes did you have that enabled you to fit in the PR industry?

Lorraine Kauffman-Hall: I entered the PR field in 1995. I had an English degree with an emphasis in writing so I’ve always been gifted with the pen. On top of that I always have enjoyed people and have a passion for "marketing" what they love, and what I believed in, which turned into PR for me. When it comes to technology PR I have a strength at turning complicated technology descriptions into business friendly language.

Rake Narang: As a PR professional what does your typical working week involve? What keeps you motivated?

Lorraine Kauffman-Hall: A typical work week is carrying out at least two major campaigns including personal outreach, plus balancing all of the other needs of my clients, which includes scouring for editorial opportunities with all of our tools and strategies. Lots of writing. What motivates me is keeping up the stellar reputation Attain Marketing has achieved over the last 13 years for innovation, quality service and results.

Rake Narang: Do you have any tips for young and aspiring PR professionals? What are some of the key attributes you think new entrants should possess in order to stand out from the crowd?

Lorraine Kauffman-Hall: I would say it's very important to be genuine with the editorial community and do your homework before directly engaging the media. Their time is valuable and genuine sweat and friendly communication will eventually pay off. Develop a nose for news and mostly never be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to innovative campaigns.

Rake Narang: What do you love the most about the clients you already have? What's the most memorable feedback you have received from your client?

Lorraine Kauffman-Hall: I love the fact that my clients trust me to get them results and to understand what is most important to each of them individually, as all have slightly different objectives. The most memorable feedback I can remember was being voted most valuable player several times at Certicom and also being told several times that I am an expert at doing much with little - which is the innovation and relationship work that I specialize in.

Company: Attain Marketing
3304 Brooktree Lane, Indian Trail, NC 28079 U.S.A.

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CEO: Lorraine Kauffman-Hall/Valerie Driessen
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